Onyx Coffee

We are the premium exporter of exceptional quality Guatemalan micro lots.

Our model is simply to facilitate direct trade relationships between roasters and producers in Guatemala. Aside from our roots being here and feeling that we as a country produce some of the finest coffees in the world, we are convinced we can do an exceptional job by focusing exclusively in our own back yard. After all there are close to 90,000 producers! While most of them are very small and low tech, these artisans have some of the cleanest processing in the world allowing you to taste the distinctive and delicious terroir. How do we define a micro- lot? Not by size. It is more a function of being a "lot" of coffee that is unique, exceptional and uniform. It may be a single varietal, a geographical parcel, a farm, a day lot or even a particular row.

These coffees are chosen for their distinctive flavor, consistent quality, and superb performance in the cup. Each coffee is selected through a collaborative process of blind evaluation involving Onyx's own Q-certified cuppers and our buyers around the globe. We find that upon discovering a high scoring coffee, it quickly finds a home that is happy to reward a fair price and develop a long-term sustainable relationship. Our focus is driven by quality and not quantity, so to offset the risk in this market we only source coffee to order and tend to not have any spot coffees available.

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